We want the audience to be more involved in this production. So we are letting YOU cover our set in graffiti.  What would you write on the back of a toilet door?  Use ArtPad to scribble a message for our toilet door and "Save & Send" the scribble to toiletdoor123@gmail.com ("Friend's Email").  Don't know what to write?  Check back with this blog regularily to see examples of what people write on the back of toilet doors. Don't have a clue how to use ArtPad? Follow our instructional template by clicking here.
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Friday, December 19, 2008

Opening Night Done and Dusted

Hey, It's James.

Opening night was a success, the show ran smoothly and we had a nice audience appreciate all the hard work.  I'll leave others to elaborate further if they wish.  Feel welcome to invite your friends to the last two shows!

As promised, here is a youtube video of the Audience's graffiti:

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