We want the audience to be more involved in this production. So we are letting YOU cover our set in graffiti.  What would you write on the back of a toilet door?  Use ArtPad to scribble a message for our toilet door and "Save & Send" the scribble to toiletdoor123@gmail.com ("Friend's Email").  Don't know what to write?  Check back with this blog regularily to see examples of what people write on the back of toilet doors. Don't have a clue how to use ArtPad? Follow our instructional template by clicking here.
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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Final Show Graffiti


The final show was tonight and we had a really good turn out with people squishing in, but we had less people adding their own graffiti which was strange but still we have the time-lapse video available for you to see below! Overall I was surprised that their weren't more phallic objects depicted on our light desk but it was still fun attempting to shoot and then project a timelapse video within the course of the 40 minute show.

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